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Thirty Years … 30,000+ Pages of Experience

At Driven By Design, we specialize in Publications Management — bringing our long and varied expertise in print and online publishing to our clients, who include Associations, Trade Groups, Business/Corporations, Non-Profits and Consumer-Driven/Newsstand Publishers.

Whatever your publishing niche or format, our full range of capabilities will benefit you! They include Publication Design & Redesign, Art Direction, Editorial Services, Advertising Sales, Photo Shoot Art Direction, Printer Management, and Online Publishing.

In fact, we are a one-stop shop, able to act as an organization’s complete back–office communications team, customizable to each client. Our ultimate goal is to bring every project to its fullest potential without breaking the budget. Our big-picture perspective allows us to work effectively with all the team players to bring together a great publication time after time, on time … and many times generating new profit potential or increasing subscriber base or readership.

We take a publication from content-driven ideas through to design & page layout, editing, advertising placement, and printer imposition and management – efficiently and effectively. We can even help with preliminary work, such as editorial calendar creation and media kit development.

Award-Winning & Forward-Thinking

Just because we have history doesn’t mean our designs are in the dark ages. In the last several years, publications we produce have won numerous design and editorial awards!

Our CEO Caryn Smith continues to push the envelope of publishing and processes that challenges our forward-thinking clients to take advantage of technology and trends that benefit the bottom line. Her years of experience include publisher, editor, creative director, designer, advertising rep, photographer, celebrity photo shoot art director, and feature writer. She has assembled a driven team with just as much awesome expertise that fosters collaboration and perspective that ultimately serves all Driven By Design clients.

We are Driven to Bring You Measurable Results!

We believe that your publication has a powerful voice and should educate and influence members and readers, re-enforce your mission, and be a resource that will assist to maintain and grow loyalty, membership, subscriptions and advertising!

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Marketing & Brand Strategy 

Driven By Design is Driven by Brand Messages

With keen strategic insight and positive creative energy, we execute the right meaningful branding ideas developed from your vision and mission that tell your story and create a following within your target market. These ideas become the client’s signature media solutions that quickly position their offerings as among elite of their marketplace. 

From logo to advertisement, website or brochure, if your brand is not presenting a unified look, feel, and message, you are leaving money on the table in lost revenue from untapped target market potential.  

 A clear, consistent message will reinforce the vision and mission through strong graphics and clean design. The goal of the product will be to inspire action from those whom you target for your product or service. 

First, we discuss design preferences, as in color schemes, typefaces, photo selection, and more so that we deliver a first design on target for your audience.  We address any concerns in order to work as an effective part of your team.  We analyze the competition so as to differentiate you from them.  We discover your unique selling proposition, and build that into the core brand imagery or messaging. And then we launch a brand campaign that gets attention, and results

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Non-Profit Strategy

Driven By Design is Driven by Community Efforts

My Cause Cal™

My Cause Cal™ is the new GO-TO RESOURCE in to find events of all kinds that directly help causes that serve real needs in Southwest Florida. Events can range from Gala to Walk-a-thon, Party to Picnic, Festival to Dinner, Casual to Back-Tie, and includes free, entry fee, contribution, self-pay and ticketed events, among others. My Cause Cal™ works to connect people to the 501(c)3 non-profit causes they are interested in supporting.

Click Here to Go To MyCauseCal…

We love to help non-profit organizations develop their powerful organizational voice. This helps to educate and influence supporters through a clear strategy to re-enforce their mission in their community, which is to be a resource. This maintains and grows loyalty, membership, subscriptions, and sponsorships, and more.  

Part of the unique offerings of Driven By Design is the fact that we love to help non-profits launch and grow by evaluating business plans and marketing strategies, develop professional and on-point graphics, and brainstorm new ways to reach interested supporters. Driven By Design has helped organizations get from idea to 501c3 to serving the community. With a knack for helping bring a vision to life, the DBD works together with you to get you in front of new eager supporters.   

The non-profits we assist today all have totally different markets and missions, and we’ve even helped to revitalize older, more established iconic non-profits.  The common denominator withal our work in the non-profit sector is to connect them with people who either need them or have a passion for their cause.  

We can assist you by conceptually developing fundraising event themes, logos, marketing materials, sponsor packages, and more. Let’s us help your non-profit get to the next phase of growth. 

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