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3 Ways to Reframe Your Post-Covid-19 Communications & Publishing Efforts

Communications in the shadow of COVID-19 is new territory. Many of us feel if we never hear the word COVID-19 ever again, it would be too soon. As you undoubtedly know working within membership-driven organizations, the reality is that though your association might be somewhat stable at the moment, your members are really struggling in the water. Boom! And now your job is to get them in the life raft. You can’t save them, but you can give them the clarity and the courage they need to regain strength to re-chart their journey. As a communicator, the goal is to reframe their reality into actionable steps that they can take to be their best in this mess.

Driven By Design Brands New Restaurant Concept

When it comes to Restaurant Branding, Driven By Design has insider experience you need to create a successful brand. Our CEO/Chief Creative Mind Caryn Smith has owned three successful restaurants in a town FULL of competition, and knows how to bring attention to your...

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