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Driven by Community Efforts, we enjoy brainstorming with non-profit organizations to develop their powerful organizational voice. Having a clear vision and strategy to re-enforce their important mission helps to educate and influence supporters, and grow the organization as a community resource.

Having a compelling point of view maintains and grows loyalty, volunteerism, membership, subscriptions and sponsorships, and more. The common denominator with all our work in the non-profit sector is to connect them with people who either need their services or have a passion for their cause.

 The ways Driven By Design can help:

  • Event Fundraiser Marketing & Management
    • One of our favorite things, we can help conceptually brainstorm fundraising event themes; then create the logo, design marketing materials, develop sponsor packages, and more.
  • Non-Profit Marketing
  • Business & Marketing Plan Evaluation
  • Fundraising Strategy

Driven By Design has helped organizations become established from an idea to 501©3 to fully serving the community. With a knack for helping bring a vision to life, the DBD works together with your team to get you in front of new eager people.  

Let’s us help your non-profit get to the next phase of growth.

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My Cause Cal™

Driven By Design’s Community Non-Profit Events Calendar Find Events You’ll Love to Support!

Join Us in the Effort to Increase Philanthropic Events Awareness & Participation in Sunny SWFL!

My Cause Cal™ ( works to connect people to the 501(c)3 non-profit causes they are interested in supporting. There is a real need to gain new support through event attendance and volunteerism to missions of local non-profit organizations, as well as level the field between small and large, new and established, non-profits alike. The platform is geared toward informing Southwest Florida residents and visitors of all public events that benefit non-profit organizations whom serve the community, and to connect people to the causes they are interested in supporting.

My Cause Cal™ promotes attendance at Events that benefit Non-Profit Organizations of any size through our vibrant web site and social media community.

Each non-profit posts their events and activities on the web site, as well as a profile of their organization, all free of charge.

The My Cause Cal™ website ( brings an attractive, intelligent and interactive website along with mobile phone App-driven push notification cellular technology, effective use of social media, and future special networking events together under one unified effort to help non-profits broaden their reach to the community through increased awareness and, potentially, increased opportunities for volunteer service and financial support.

MyCauseCal includes:

  • Non-Profit Events (searchable by interests)
  • Non-Profit Listings
  • Articles & News
  • MyCause Blog
  • Sponsor Banner Ads for Supporters
  • Non-Profit Jobs Listings


Are you a non-profit looking to post an event?

Download the MyCauseCal USER GUIDE to Marketing or Download a PDF of our Media Kit to Consider Advertising!

My Cause Cal™ Facebook Community at is the new GO-TO RESOURCE in social media to find events of all kinds that directly help causes that serve real needs in Southwest Florida. Events can range from Gala to Walk-a-thon, Party to Picnic, Festival to Dinner, Casual to Back-Tie, and includes free, entry fee, contribution, self-pay and ticketed events, among others. We also have a  presence on Instagram @MyCauseCal.

Being an integral strategic part in the launching of several area non-profit organizations and serving on their inaugural Board of Directors, and also serving on the Boards of Directors, volunteering and supporting established organizations, Caryn Smith, CEO of Driven By Design, saw a vast need for one place to serve as a resource of all “good works” events happening in our generous and philanthropic community. This is the solution to serve both the community and the non-profits in increasing awareness of events to the giving public.

My Cause Cal™ neither endorses, recommends or represents any activity or any 501(c)3 organization, but merely provides a service to allow organizations to publicize their event in a public community forum to interested community members.

Each non-profit posts their own events and activities. It is the consumer’s responsibility to research each organization they intend to support.

All organizations that post events in My Cause Cal™ are recognized 501(c)3 organizations.

If you believe we can help, contact us today for a complimentary Non-Profit Strategy consultation at call (239) 225-6137 or email!

Caryn Smith is innovative and forward thinking. She has single-handedly been the largest influence on our non-profit, Valerie’s House, helping launch it from the ground up, bringing a business mind and the extreme discipline needed to turn an idea and a vision into a thriving organization. She is creative, honest and no-nonsense and because of that I have gone on to hire her for multiple projects. If you want excellence, Caryn Smith and Driven by Design are whom you need to be working with.

Angela Melvin

Founder/President, Valerie’s House Inc.

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