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Brand strategy is a plan that is all about specific, long-term goals that will follow the life of a brand, which is realized in a visually identifiable way. Or in other words, it is your company’s character that comes to life as identifiable to a specific target audience, and follows expected rules of engagement (even if the rules are bent, there are still rules).

At Driven By Design, we love strategic thinking and developing a brand identity! Our outside-the-box ideas matched with your brilliant business model create on-point messaging to educate and influence the right consumers at the right time and right place. There are many ways to brand … we help you discover in what will work for you.

Many of our clients come to us for a refresh of their current brand image, or new product launch. Or they might have the start of something and need our expertise to create that on-point cohesive messaging that can translate to all their interactions with their target market.

Our Brand Image Process


So you know, we don’t start with the logo. We start with detailed strategy – a plan of action that will bring desired results. For instance, many people think “everyone” is their potential target market, so they talk in generalities hoping that someone specific will bite. But we say, figure out who that exact “someone” is – i.e. demographics – and talk their language where they hang out … then you are on your way to success.

Brand Guide

Once we know your sweet-spot target market, we start the creative process of the brand image. You know, the fun stuff – from logo development, tagline, typography, color scheme, image types. From all this information, we create a Brand Guide that defines the expression of the brand in all marketing and advertising. This way, you ensure you always look your best no matter who designs your materials.



The goal is to inspire action from those whom you want to attract to your company. A clear, consistent message reinforces the value of your brand, and contains a clear “call to action,” strong graphics and clean design. We help you determine the best-reach marketing vehicles for your budget the options are endless to be seen and heard. With a rockin’ Brand Strategy in place, all you need to do now is to manage your business growth!

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Driven By Design delivers compelling solutions with graphic design, branding, marketing and public relations that support my various non-profit and business endeavors. Caryn Smith and her team have brought to life many of my ideas with creativity and excellence – even better than we had imagined. They deliver results that capture attention ranging from strategic brand building, print and website design, and content development. Driven By Design is a great choice for your company or non-profit if you are looking to work with the best.

Brandon Phillips

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