Driven By Design At Work

The Client

In this project, we are fortunate to partner with the Wildlife Education Project (WEP) ( – an emerging 501(c)3 – to develop their brand strategy, and a spinoff brand, Trouper and Friends (T&F).

The WEP is a non-profit with the vision to instill a lifelong respect for all living things and the environment through our mission of education and empowerment of human kind to create change and take responsibility for the protection of our wildlife and surroundings.

The WEP was inspired by the life’s work of wildlife animal rehabilitator Dorothy (Dot) Lee, and her wild animal rescue, Trouper the Blind Raccoon. Dot and Trouper the Raccoon primarily educate children through their book and personal appearances. Their mission and vision is to Educate Our Future Leaders and Empower the Next Generation to take the lead to create positive environmental change byconnecting with and protecting our big beautiful world, including our animal neighbors.

Photo by Caryn Smith

To read their story, you can visit:

The WEP is the overall organization through which funds are generated to support the educational work at hand, currently accomplished by its Director, Dorothy Lee, and volunteers.

Trouper and Friends ( is a brand extension geared towards educating and engaging children on WEP’s principals in a clever and fun way.

The Work

We broke the project into 6 areas:

  • Brand Strategy and Messaging for both WEP & T&F
  • Illustrations Characters of Dot, Trouper, and Friends for T&F
  • Logo for Trouper and Friends
  • WEP & Trouper and Friends Website Design & Execution
  • Marketing Collateral Materials
  • Public Relations
  • Video Production to capture presentations by Dorothy Lee and Trouper in order for mass circulation



Brand Strategy and Messaging Development for WEP & T&F

First, we first helped develop and refine the mission and vision of WEP, and then, the secondary brand, Trouper and Friends (as stated above). Then, we were able to help define their guiding principals:

  • Respect All Living Things
  • Educate Future Leaders
  • Protect Our Wildlife

It also became clear that some of the structure of the non-profit also had to be organized, including roles, programs, and capabilities. We collaborated with the WEP team to create a sustainable and scalable approach to their growth and development.

A Brand Guide and Messaging Manifesto was created that defined the organization by its purpose, programs, and target groups, and the look and feel of the brand itself. This document became the framework for content on both websites.

Illustrations Characters of Dot, Trouper, and Friends for T&F

With a clear structure and brand message in place, we were ready to get creative. We began creating illustrated characters for Miss Dot, Trouper, and Trouper’s friends, whom would represent a character trait that is taught within the curriculum of the WEP presentations (LOVE & RESPECT, COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT, LOYALTY & DETERMINATION, COMPASSIONATE & DILIGENCE). From there, Activity Pages were designed for children to either receive at a presentation or download from the website to re-enforce the teachings.

By providing new activity pages for the presenters, replacing what was used in the past, gave the organization a more professional look to educators, groups and potential donors.

We also created coloring pages that could be handed out to children.

WEP & Trouper and Friends Website Design & Execution

Driven By Design created the website design, photography, messaging and content for both WEP and Trouper websites, using the messaging document and brand guide.

The WEP ( website target audience is adults, educators, and supporters interested in the environment and wildlife. The main purpose was to share the organization’s value, and bring in needed financial support. The design is stately and beautiful, using images that capture the best of wild animals in their environments. Since the organization in located in Florida, the focus of the majority of imagery was on wildlife located in that state.

One positive result of this exercise: By understanding the educational platforms that the non-profit was currently using, and strategizing on new ways to broaden the reach, the non-profit realized its current limitations, which then drove attainable goals set for the future. One important goal is to expand the reach of the programs beyond elementary-aged children to middle and high school children in order to promote volunteerism and careers in environmental fields.

The Trouper and Friends ( website targets pre-school and elementary school children with Trouper the Blind Raccoon’s primary message:  Respect All Living Things. In Trouper’s story, he was unnecessarily injured with a blow to the head from an uncaring human. Yet, his resilience to live inspired his caretaker, Dot, to share his story with others. Trouper’s story has a positive result, and the website was designed to reflect that in a fun, colorful and engaging way.

Marketing Collateral Materials

Driven By Design developed a Post Card, Brochure, and Business Card, Fan Club Letters, and other items that can be mailed to potential presentation clients and also to donors.



Driven By Design overhauled also their Facebook presence and added Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to their marketing
efforts, all with a unified look and feel.

Public Relations & Social Media

Driven By Design was able to get newspapers, magazines and social media sites to carry stories about the duo, Dot and Trouper. Some examples:

  • Trouper and Dot became a segment subject for NAT GEO WILD’s Unlikely Animal Friends show.
  • People magazine picked up one story that resulted in over 1 million views.
  • Coverage in USA Today reached millions nationwide.
  • The two largest newspapers in Southwest Florida, The News-Press and Naples Daily News, carried a story about Dot and Trouper in the same week, with both putting a photo of the raccoon on the front page, in the skybox highlights above the nameplate.
  • A story on Trouper was picked up on newsfeeds and social media by in at least 10 major markets news outlets.
  • Multiple TV news stations did interviews with Dot Lee and Trouper.
  • The popular Dodo picked up video from their news appearances for a short video.
  • The Duo have been featured in many magazines in the Southwest Florida region.
  • The Duo have an international fan base, with people coming from all over the world to meet Trouper.
  • Trouper’s fan base include singer Jackie Evancho



Video Production

Driven By Design initiated capturing the WEP Live Presentations in video to create educational lessons for each of the 10 areas that is taught by Miss Dot. Collaborating with Big Red Media LLC, these lessons are in 10-minute segments that can be added to lesson plans or used in total for one hour of teaching on the concepts by which WEP is founded. The educational DVDs capturing the WEP teachings on video will help extend their message to teachers and educators across the U.S. and the world for use in classrooms, camps, and more.


It is a pleasure to assist WEP in their efforts, as they continue to grow their following!