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Marketing should educate consumers as to why they should choose your product or service over what your competitors offer. If you’re not accomplishing this feat, then you’re marketing is missing something. At Driven By Design, our goal and passion is to help you narrow down the methods and on-point messaging to educate and influence the right consumers at the right time and right place. There are many ways to market… we help you invest in what will work for you. With keen strategic insight and positive creative energy, we execute meaningful marketing ideas that reflect your brand strategy. They are developed from your vision and mission to tell your story and create a following within your marketplace. These ideas become the client’s signature media solutions that quickly position them among the elite in their expertise.

For many of our clients, what happens in their organization’s publication continues through to successful marketing materials that we create for a cohesive message in all their interactions with their target market. From logo to advertisement, website to brochure, email campaign to social media, if your brand is not presenting a unified look, feel and message, you are leaving money on the table in lost revenue from untapped potential.

The goal is to inspire action from those whom you want to attract to your product or service. A clear, consistent message will reinforce the vision and mission through a clear marketing call to action, strong graphics and clean

Our Marketing Process



We evaluate your current marketing and your marketplace. We leverage your brand strategy. We analyze the competition so as to differentiate you from them. On occasion, we bring in our market research partners to provide data that heightens understanding … and increases opportunity for results.


With your campaign strategy determined, we load it with on-point imagery and messaging that delivers on its purpose. We discuss your design preferences, as in color schemes, typefaces, photo selection, and more so that we deliver designs you’ll love to share with your target audience.


We help you determine the best-reach marketing vehicles for your budget. From print and online advertising, radio and television, billboards to social media, podcasts to live video, the options are endless to be seen and heard. With appropriate advertising and marketing materials in place, all that is left is for you to manage your business growth!

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Driven By Design is the creative team behind ARA’s award-winning Automotive Recycling magazine for over 20 years, providing the complete publishing package with Editorial Content, Publication Design and Advertising Sales. They are a resource for our Association’s marketing, graphic design, and email campaigns. Their work also includes design, production and advertising sales for our annual Convention Program Guide, annual Membership Directory, and annual Buyer’s Guide. I have had the pleasure of working with CEO Caryn Smith through those years, and she always delivers results, exceeding expectations. Her team strives to be part of our team. As Editor, Caryn’s compelling content ideas help ARA members do their business better. As our Designers, Driven By Design’s layouts are current and inviting, and the best in our industry. As our Advertising Sales Team, the numbers tell the story – Driven By Design has increased our advertising revenue by over 250%. We could not be more pleased with their work.

Kelly Badillo

Director of Member Services, 
Automotive Recyclers Association

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